January 2020
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Self-Serve Garden and Fruit Bars

Did you know we offer unlimited fruits and vegetables for school lunch? Students may fill up their school lunch trays with seasonal produce from our Self-Serve Garden and Fruit Bars, served at every school and on every line. 
Self-serve increases the likelihood that students will try new fruits and vegetables. For example, they can try one celery stick instead of committing to an entire portion as one of their choices. When kids try new fruits and vegetables, they incorporate greater variety into their diet, which ensures they get all the nutrition their body needs. 
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends making half of your plate fruits and vegetables. A variety of colorful fruits and vegetables are appealing and full of vitamins, minerals and fiber to support the growth of your children. 
Visit our nutrition website for more information and a helpful video with tips on how to make your students trip to the garden and fruit bar efficient, safe and tasty! Contact School Food and Nutrition Services at 703.791.7314 with questions. 

salad bar offering a variety of different vegetables