2019-2020 Awards & Honors
Posted on 06/03/2020
Blue ribbon and wreath with a medal stating "awards & honors"Hello fellow Raiders!
Every May, Stonewall Jackson High School gathers together to acknowledge our many achievements and award our top students for their efforts throughout the year. It is a time of community and celebration. This year, however, we find ourselves facing new challenges: a truncated school year, social distancing, online learning, and an uncertain future. It often feels like there are more questions than answers. Here at SJ though, we are optimistic and confident about what lies ahead. All year we have witnessed the keen minds and capable hands of the stewards of our future. The students featured in this newsletter -and all of our Raiders - are the key players of a bright tomorrow.

Parents and guardians - thank you for sharing your children with us. Your love and support is so crucial to their success, and we recognize the sacrifices you make so their dreams can become a reality.

Teachers - it is your hard work and dedication that help our students envision the many possible futures ahead. You inspire them and guide them.

Students - we are so proud of you and your grit. Never let it be said that the path was easy or that you never had doubts. What makes you excellent is how you respond to challenges. The awards you have earned are not for the moments when learning came effortlessly, but for all the times you persevered when things got hard. We recognize and applaud your excellence!

While we wish we could be together to celebrate your accomplishments with you and your family, we know that we'll be back at SJHS soon and ready for your next chapter. Stay safe, stay curious, and remember that you are all Stonewall Strong.