End-of-Year Technology Updates for ALL Students
Posted on 06/02/2021
a cartoon mobile device hollering on a megaphone "Attention All Students"

End of the Year Technology Checklist for ALL STUDENTS: 

Laptop/School Device:

Upload documents to your OneDrive or other device as a means to back-up your work. Don't forget to check your Downloads folder! Devices must be returned at the end of the school year. Devices should be returned as soon as you are finished with all assignments and/or final exams. You can turn in devices at the table in the auditorium lobby from 7:00 - 2:00 and the main office during other hours. 
Main Collection windows from 7:00 - 3:00:
*Friday, June 4: Last names A - M
*Tuesday, June 8: Last names N - Z
*Wednesday, June 9: Last names A - M
*Thursday, June 10: Last names N - Z


Students' courses will go to read/only/concluded on June 11, 2021 at midnight. SENIORS!!! Canvas access will stop June 30, 2021.


Take this time to organize your files and folders. SENIORS!!! Your Microsoft OneDrive Accounts will be suspended shortly after your graduation date. Download any documents you need and save them to a USB drive or into a Cloud space (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) before June 30, 2021.


This is a great time to clean out email and move things to folders. SENIORS!!! Make sure if you have used your account to sign up for any services that you transfer those services to a personal email.

Device Logins:

Students need to begin logging into their PWCS devices with their personal login as the generic login is going away as of June 16th., 2021. Your personal login would be the student user ID (the part before the @ in the student email address) with the synced password used for O365, Canvas, Zoom, etc. If you have never logged into your device with your personal login, you will need to bring the device to any PWCS school and login while the laptop is connected to the PWCS WiFi. There is no need to enter the building at most schools since the laptops can join the PWCS WiFi from an outside table/bench, parking lot, or fire lane.  A list of schools with extended PWCS WiFi can be accessed on the PWCS Information Technology website.